1. Branman65

    Elfen Lied was a good show

    I liked how brutal and depressing it was. What is your opinion on Elfen Lied?
  2. ZhouPing

    Guns and military vehicles

    This thread is dedicated to all real world guns, and real military vehicles (tanks,armored cars, panes, ect). Here is a vz.61 nice Czech pistol. This is supposedly the official website where they tell that they make it.
  3. .wil

    Is Neon Genesis Evangelion good or bad?

    Is Neon Genesis Evangelion good or bad? This is highly controversial and should be discussed in the thread
  4. Branman65

    Wiz is best girl

    First her appearance. she is curvaceous with two full breasts, and a nice ass, in other words, she’s thicc. She also has gorgeous brown hair with a cute bang over one eye. Now let’s talk about her personality. She is nice and submissive, and in general really sweet.
  5. Branman65

    What anime are you watching

    I’m watching kantai collection
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