1. Lazy

    O, hi there

    Guess who's back... back again... guess who's back, guess who's back, gue.. ok I'll stop now that's pretty gay. So, I'm pretty much psyched for the new era of ED, I hope this time we get less jews here and more nudes. Also don't fucking doxx me, ok? Also don't post any gore, I'm sensitive like that.
  2. A Fucking Box

    EDF6 1st Annual Yearbook Thread

    Welcome to the official EDF6 anal yearbook @j15m is too old to maintain a yearbook so I will Post your pix/penis/trannyhole here airduster: Aroukar: ASSBLONKER: chuj: Cosmic Sewer Hobo: dropdatwat: edge_beta: GloriousReader: haeByung: Jive: kurisu: Likeicare...
  3. VideoGamePhenom

    Unauthorized personal information exposure

    Accordingly, there seems to be an article on ED that seemingly exposes personal information and other untrue events to the public, which is somewhat of a federal felony by all accounts. The person who started the article has had a history of online harassment against that real-life person, and...
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