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    Testing ========= Edit by .wil TagCloud is now working. Use the fucking tags when making a thread. This helps with SEO and jewgle finding our shithole of a website. Try to make them relevant to the thread. Staff can add tags. Things are still being worked out, and you know if UMK is doing...
  2. umkemesik

    Vote now for Faggot of the Year

    https://www.polltab.com/bracket-poll/pmidUG9Fvt It's a playoff bracket, every ten days. I will update you with round #2 after voting. You can cast one vote per bracket.
  3. umkemesik

    Malhub will now Officially Become EDF. Welcome AEdiot.

    We are in the process of officially becoming ED's forum. Turns out the things AEdiot wants to do with the current forums are possible on xenforo as well. AEdiot will be given admin here, and together we shall forge a bigger, stronger, harder ED experience. More details are forthcoming.
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