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  1. .wil

    Return of the Smiley

    Thanks to @zogg we have all the missing smiley faces aka emojis aka emotes from EDF2. They should all have their original triggers and be sorted the same...
  2. A Fucking Box

    EDF6 1st Annual Yearbook Thread

    Welcome to the official EDF6 anal yearbook @j15m is too old to maintain a yearbook so I will Post your pix/penis/trannyhole here airduster: Aroukar: ASSBLONKER: chuj: Cosmic Sewer Hobo: dropdatwat: edge_beta: GloriousReader: haeByung: Jive: kurisu: Likeicare...
  3. umkemesik

    Malhub will now Officially Become EDF. Welcome AEdiot.

    We are in the process of officially becoming ED's forum. Turns out the things AEdiot wants to do with the current forums are possible on xenforo as well. AEdiot will be given admin here, and together we shall forge a bigger, stronger, harder ED experience. More details are forthcoming.
  4. Hater


    Sticky this, were bringing back a tradition https://cytu.be/r/ediots_watch_movies
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