1. Scumhook

    Mother of all tests

    Oh look another thraed about a fucking gayass test... lolnope guess again faggot, this is LITERALLY the mother of all fucking tests and by "LITERALLY" I mean exactly not literally but figuratively or metaphorically or some shit Anyway stfu and do the test and post your re-sluts...
  2. Likeicare

    Israel - Gaza Conflict

    Based Israel just bombed a refugee camp LMAAAAAAOOOOOOOOO
  3. umkemesik


    Testing ========= Edit by .wil TagCloud is now working. Use the fucking tags when making a thread. This helps with SEO and jewgle finding our shithole of a website. Try to make them relevant to the thread. Staff can add tags. Things are still being worked out, and you know if UMK is doing...
  4. tyc

    Jews BC seem less degen than Jews AD

    wtf is up with how rabbinites changed genital cutting between 100ad and 600ad, srsly you go from a tiny little nick (milah) which at the worst probably just disconnects ridged band to prevent phimosis to just ripping EVERYTHING off (priya) and then needing to get the suction (metzitza) to...
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