oddguy fucks goats

  1. Samuel

    This fucking man...

    You go to your kitchen late at night and you find this man sitting on your table, he just stares at you and says: What do you do?
  2. Samuel

    Among Us Thread

    Why is there no thread for this game already?
  3. Likeicare

    Israel - Gaza Conflict

    Based Israel just bombed a refugee camp LMAAAAAAOOOOOOOOO
  4. umkemesik


  5. Scumhook

    Possibly the greatest thing that has evar been done by anyone, anywhere, anywhen

    I'm not a fucking fan of DJ's and fucking wacky FM radio hilarity. If the recommendation to watch this hadn't come from a source whos depravity was unquestioned, I wouldn't have fucking watched it, cos it a bit slow at the start. But ooooooh yeah, it's worth watching it all...
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