viril is a fag

  1. Viril.Feline.Wyyzrd

    Another Autistic Call out thread that doesn't make sence and will last for too many pages.

    @lolwat stop rating my posts badly. Your opinion offends me horribly. Why did you have to make me have to bug the shit out of you for the next week...
  2. Warpdust Addict

    Buck Breaking

    A nigga really named Tariq Nasheed(sneed) has made a documentary about how black men have been sexually humiliated and forced into homosexual acts by white(Jewish) people. Besides gross ignorance of history, could Tariq be enlightened about globohomo? Nah.
  3. chuj

    help me find a hobby

    i recently realized that i'm drinking out of boredom, i need a creative hobby since brewing beer and learning latin clearly isn't enought inb4, gay anal sex isn't a hobby
  4. Viril.Feline.Wyyzrd

    Let me edit the wiki under VFW.

    Im gonna be straight here. I don't want to use socks, I want to make contrabutions to the wiki and big ones to the wiki, under Viril.Feline.Wyyzrd. I promise I'll make my stuff will not suck; mostly templates cause I don't want to fuck that shit up. I'll look up stuff on it on mediawiki...
  5. dropdatwat

    Computer stuff you just got

    I'll start
  6. Leopold Victor

    Hail Leo, The King of Niggers

    I own a whole fuckin country in Africa... bow down to me.
  7. Viril.Feline.Wyyzrd

    Hi, I am a Sock

  8. zogg

    in regards to wyyzrd's ED break

    are you actually gonna afk for more than 2 minutes or will you continue to run gay ops forever
  9. Viril.Feline.Wyyzrd

    The AEdiot Chat logs.

    I must release the chat logs. The drama and lulz must be known. I know this is way to late, but I should've just put these out sooner and got the ridicule for this shit sooner. So here I go.
  10. Viril.Feline.Wyyzrd

    Opinion: Those who delete their embarasing comments on EDF are bitches.

    If you delete your embarrassing comments you are a pussy who thinks he can change the past... change my mind, if you can.
  11. Viril.Feline.Wyyzrd

    TL;DR: Fucked up, got angry, got pissy, regret it, gonna better myself.

    Hey everybody it’s me, Viril.Feline.Wyyzrd, again. Sorry if I didn’t keep my promise of “BEING DONE WITH ED” or “QUITTING ED” like I said I was gonna do, but I just don’t want to have my last message be one of massive spergatry. I still want to contribute to this site, and it love it just...
  12. Viril.Feline.Wyyzrd

    I Can't think of a title, but I'm trying to redeem myself

    So, a lot has happened to me in recent events, and honestly it's my fault. So, if you weren't on the forums around a large couple of hours ago, I found out that I was demoted back down to a bot by ED, specifically by @.wil, and I got mad. I mostly got mad because .wil had pain seriesed me, and...
  13. Viril.Feline.Wyyzrd


    Give @oddguy his admin spot back. All he did was say that the site's should merge back together. I don't think he sympathizes with Jacob, I think he just wants to bring the 2 sites together. He's a great admin, funny as hell, and he knows more about the sight than anyone here. I wonder if...
  14. Samuel

    !!!There is something that must talk about!!! (gay email to oddguy)

    (The following is a recreation of an email that @oddguy read on the dick show) Dear Oddguy, In this letter, I'm not going to be all ass kissy. I need to address something serious, a certain individual has just recently lost a lot of respect because of recent events that have played out during...
  15. umkemesik

    Malhub will now Officially Become EDF. Welcome AEdiot.

    We are in the process of officially becoming ED's forum. Turns out the things AEdiot wants to do with the current forums are possible on xenforo as well. AEdiot will be given admin here, and together we shall forge a bigger, stronger, harder ED experience. More details are forthcoming.
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