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  1. .wil

    Fine Threads For Fine Forum Diners

    A throwback thread to when ED was making the internet gr8 again. I'm gonna post some archive links to golden threads from ED history with a short summary. Feel free to join in. https://archive.vn/forum.encyclopediadramatica.rs https://archive.vn/forum.encyclopediadramatica.se There's even...
  2. .wil

    Return of the Smiley

    Thanks to @zogg we have all the missing smiley faces aka emojis aka emotes from EDF2. They should all have their original triggers and be sorted the same...
  3. Likeicare


    Are there any shooters or something that you guys would be interested in playing as a group I dont mind playing on high ping if its just for fun
  4. A Fucking Box


    @.wil change it back NIGGER
  5. Leopold Victor

    Hail Leo, The King of Niggers

    I own a whole fuckin country in Africa... bow down to me.
  6. umkemesik

    Encyclopedia Dramatica Official Minecraft Server

    Connect here (no mods) :
  7. .wil


  8. A Fucking Box

    EDF6 1st Annual Yearbook Thread

    Welcome to the official EDF6 anal yearbook @j15m is too old to maintain a yearbook so I will Post your pix/penis/trannyhole here airduster: Aroukar: ASSBLONKER: chuj: Cosmic Sewer Hobo: dropdatwat: edge_beta: GloriousReader: haeByung: Haha Yes/Pastor of Muppets/Camel...
  9. umkemesik


    Testing ========= Edit by .wil TagCloud is now working. Use the fucking tags when making a thread. This helps with SEO and jewgle finding our shithole of a website. Try to make them relevant to the thread. Staff can add tags. Things are still being worked out, and you know if UMK is doing...
  10. umkemesik

    Write Articles you Faggots, or I will Cyberbully you...

    Alright, Starting this weekend, Uncle UMK needs you to do your part and make some lulzy articles and suggest some in this thread. We have nearly 500 members on the forums. Minus socks, that's a whole 50 people. Can you imagine if everyone made just one Wiki article? Don't know how to make...
  11. TabbyGarf

    Redeem/Request your EDF 2 Badges here

    Will update with the added badges See available badges here
  12. A Fucking Box

    fuwveibidfklfow - Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love ED

    @.wil @UMK stop deleting ratings you fucking niggers
  13. Chimplord1997


  14. umkemesik

    ED Bureaucracy

    For those of you who don't know how things work, and those who join later; Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED) is not owned by anyone. A select group of people may make decisions affecting the site as a group or as an individual; Roles Crats - These people assign roles and typically have Admin...
  15. Two ED's????

    So I don't know if anyone has posted this...but, https://encyclopediadramatica.wiki/index.php/Main_Page It seems like somebody is making a separate AE and I think aeidiot is behind this.
  16. Maysam

    Cloudflare / captcha on ED is kinda clunky

    This Image was shown broken to me until I completed a captcha on ED. I get that it's necessary to avert ddos but there has to be a better way. @aediot
  17. chuj

    cloudflare on æ is fucking retarded

    every time i try to enter wiki cloudflare is verifying my browser. in most cases multiple times a session often when i'm just jumping from page to page. most times it requires solving captcha. tried three different PCs running few different operating systems, my own wifi, neighbor's wifi, tried...
  18. umkemesik

    Malhub will now Officially Become EDF. Welcome AEdiot.

    We are in the process of officially becoming ED's forum. Turns out the things AEdiot wants to do with the current forums are possible on xenforo as well. AEdiot will be given admin here, and together we shall forge a bigger, stronger, harder ED experience. More details are forthcoming.
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