1. lurk

    article promotion privs for news junkies

    can you make something like a user group or whatever to give certain distinguished users with an addiction for news the ability to promote our own articles? this way, jannies wont have to lurk the news section and will have more time to clean up after @Viril.Feline.Wyyzrd
  2. A Fucking Box

    EDF6 1st Annual Yearbook Thread

    Welcome to the official EDF6 anal yearbook @j15m is too old to maintain a yearbook so I will Post your pix/penis/trannyhole here airduster: Aroukar: ASSBLONKER: chuj: Cosmic Sewer Hobo: dropdatwat: edge_beta: GloriousReader: haeByung: Haha Yes/Pastor of Muppets/Camel...
  3. umkemesik

    Write Articles you Faggots, or I will Cyberbully you...

    Alright, Starting this weekend, Uncle UMK needs you to do your part and make some lulzy articles and suggest some in this thread. We have nearly 500 members on the forums. Minus socks, that's a whole 50 people. Can you imagine if everyone made just one Wiki article? Don't know how to make...
  4. TabbyGarf

    Redeem/Request your EDF 2 Badges here

    Will update with the added badges See available badges here
  5. Chimplord1997


  6. umkemesik

    ED Bureaucracy

    For those of you who don't know how things work, and those who join later; Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED) is not owned by anyone. A select group of people may make decisions affecting the site as a group or as an individual; Roles Crats - These people assign roles and typically have Admin...
  7. Two ED's????

    So I don't know if anyone has posted this...but, https://encyclopediadramatica.wiki/index.php/Main_Page It seems like somebody is making a separate AE and I think aeidiot is behind this.
  8. umkemesik

    Malhub will now Officially Become EDF. Welcome AEdiot.

    We are in the process of officially becoming ED's forum. Turns out the things AEdiot wants to do with the current forums are possible on xenforo as well. AEdiot will be given admin here, and together we shall forge a bigger, stronger, harder ED experience. More details are forthcoming.
  9. umkemesik

    The Legend of Zaiger the Unwise

    Has anyone told you about the story of Zaiger the Unwise? It's not a story that the AEdiot would tell you. Zaiger was a SysOps of ED, so high on H that he could make a Xenforo forum that attracted the biggest lolcows on the internet. MessyJessie, Fumto, Racketeer, Odenius (wtf his name was)...
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