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Jesus fucking christ...


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For some reason he's listing his place of residence in VA beach. Literally next to the largest Naval airport on the east coast. IF that is true, he's "renting" a 400 dollar apartment that rattles on it's foundation every hour. Given that trajectory, he'll end up in a Newport News trailer park trying to scam the elderly and aspiring hiphop mogels with aspirin telling them it's oxy. He should be found dead in Dismal Swamp in about six months.

When old lady Cranston doesn't get her fix, she likes to scream out her front door and shoot her 38.


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Idk why I don't have the full-resolution version of this but here's a chat between him and ade that she posted in the admin chat on discord.
It's tiny so I'll transcribe it.

>Both of which I have

>I was actually gonna reg the trademark
myself earlier but when I had the funds (275)
the gov raised the price of registration to (350)

>The hosting the other wiki is using, dream host

>They respect trademarks and will shut
someone down if you present them with one

>So basically I'd reg it, wait for it to process,
then boom no more coup wiki

>And even if they hopped to a host that was
non usa based

>I could still sue umk over it or threaten him
with the lawsuit

>Because he doesn't have an LLC either he
has no corpo veil to protect him

>Which means when I win the lawsuit he'd be
Personally liable

>They could garnish his wages and shit


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BTW, Aediot keeps calling you a child predator that sends out CP to troll people, but that was years ago, and it was your own penis right?
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